Why do I need an indexer?

An index provides a “roadmap” to the contents of a book, without which the reader is left to search aimlessly through the table of contents and section headings in hopes of finding what she is looking for. A well-written index prepared by a professional indexer will take a reader directly to the topic of interest, indicate the relationship between topics, and provide connections between related topics in different locations in the book. Thus, simply selecting terms from the text is not sufficient; indexing requires the knowledge and creativity of the human mind to see patterns, themes, and connections, and that is what I bring to every project.

Why do I need a copyeditor?

There are many different types of editors and different degrees of editing depending on where the manuscript is in the publishing cycle. I focus on copyediting as compared to developmental or substantive editing. My goal is to help authors convey their message clearly and accurately, to help publishers produce an error-free document according to their house style, and to help readers focus on the content by eliminating misspellings, typos, grammatical errors, and inconsistencies.